Customer Care & Technical Support

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Customer Care & Technical Support

Job description

This is an open application to all our startups, the responsibilities and details of the position vary per startup. 


To be responsible for the customer support of a fast growing startup you need to be:

  • Supportive - You will often be the first person that a customer get's to know in the company, being supportive  and showing company culture is essential in a startup's custormer support.
  • Creative & Flexible - In a growing product which is buggy and non-intuitive, you will need to make sure the customer feels satisfied, even if there is no solution at that moment. Things can change any minute, and you will have to adapt as well.
  • A Digital Native - You will have to be well-versed in the latest tools and technologies.
  • Dedicated - You believe in the product and can show that to anyone.